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About Us

How We Started:

The concept for Venture Offroad was a team effort. Fueled by tacos and a twisted sense of humor, founders Alyssa Deardon and David Linehan knew they were onto something. After scouring the internet  and chatting with a close knit group of friends, these millennials (okay fine, one is old enough to be the others father...but isn't) set forth a business plan and became incorporated in July of 2019. Initially conceived as an apparel company, the long term plans of Venture Offroad is to become your resource for all things offroad/overland/mall crawler related.

Teaming up with several market leaders, Alyssa & Dave began plugging away to create copy that was "top of mind" and readily available. If you've ever thought, "that should be on a t-shirt", that's the type of product we want to deliver. In addition, if you have a custom order of 1 shirt or more, let us quote you a price, provide a mock up and deliver them to you for that previously quoted price. Our goal is to form a relationship so that when you need to order another 1 or even 1000 your first call is to Venture Offroad.


What we do:

Venture Offroad produces whimsical t-shirts, sweatshirts and other “promotional” items. Whether you are buying one of our standard items or looking for a custom job, the team at Venture Offroad is here to help bring your thoughts to life.


Who Are We?!

Alyssa Deardon (CEO-Chief Everything Officer)

CEO and Head of Button Pushing, Alyssa brings over 29 years of experience to the company, Alyssa is funny & smart, with an unparalleled drive to succeed (and those are just the attributes she told me to write). Her passion for offroading fuels her desire to spread the word within the 4x4 community, furthering the sport. As a “Woman Wheeler”, she is one of the most technically adept drivers in the Northeast. Combine her skill with Dory’s capabilities and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Alyssa is the designer of the company, taking Dave’s random and disjointed thoughts and creating art.

Dave Linehan (Chief Troublemaker)

In sales since ’68, Dave brings his own sense of “what’s right” to the team. Now remember, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but 3 lefts do. Wait, what were we saying? Oh yeah, who’s Dave Linehan? Coming from a long line of sarcastic bastards, Dave feels right at home here at Venture Offroad. His Peter Pan complex may be charming to some, but clearly infuriates others. Right Alyssa? 

Adventure is in his blood. He has lived in 3 of the 6 New England states (MA/NH/ME), 2 Mid-Western States (MI/OH) and 1 Desert South West state (AZ)…

…this guy gets around! Keep an eye on him; he’s always on the move. Where will the next ad-Venture be?